2019 ACME 11.2.0

11.2.0 Product Release 

Production Release Date: Tuesday, November 12th, 2019, Beginning at 6:30 pm PST

Platforms:  B2B, B2C, POS, AC, Salesforce

Release Type: Minor Release

Downtime: None

Environments for Testing: POS-Sandbox 11.2.0, AC-Sandbox 11.2.2 and Sand 10 (code update on 11/04/2019)


Access Control (AC)

Improve Socket Mobile scanning/pairing experience

Do you find yourself wondering sometimes if the scanner and AC app are connected?
Do you find yourself forgetting some of the troubleshooting tips?

Wonder no more! The latest Access Control has been improved to provide clear messaging about the connection status of the scanner.

  • Upon login, the app will message it's connection status as either:
    • Establishing connection to scanner
    • Ready to scan
  • If there any connection issues, the app will immediately notify the user:
    • Unable to connect to scanner › appears if there is an issue connecting for the first time
    • Scanner no longer connected › appears if it disconnects
  • In addition, the app will provide helpful tips should you encounter any issue:
    • If bluetooth is not enabled, the app will display an alert
    • Anytime there are connection issues, a "TIPS" button will open helpful troubleshooting tips. Swipe right to dismiss.

This is part of an ongoing effort to improve scanning at Access Control.

Example MessageMessages

Establishing connection to scanner
Ready to scan
Enable Bluetooth to use the scanner

Unable to connect to scanner
Scanner no longer connected


New Core Validation for Corporate Memberships

New validation has been added to the Salesforce integration:

  1. If a new Corporate Membership is sent to ACME via the Membership Import (bulk) method, but the Organization Account does not have an Organization Import ID, then ACME will reject the membership record.
  2. A Corporate Membership Level cannot be associated to a Household Account. If a new Corporate Membership is sent to ACME via the Membership Import method and the associated account is a Household Account, then ACME will reject the membership record.
  3. An Individual Membership Level cannot be associated to an Organization Account. If a new Individual Membership is sent to ACME via the Membership Import method and the associated account is an Organization Account, then ACME will reject the membership record.


Foundation work for a Data Retention policy for import/export integration

When imports are run, the data is stored in both a Staging database and the ACME core database. The foundational work has been completed for a new data retention policy, which in the future will remove data from the Staging database after three months. The impact of this will be that the error logs for imports that are older than three months will no longer be accessible. The data in the ACME Core database will not be impacted. 


ACME eCommerce (B2C)

Change link after entering payment information
If a visitor needs to edit the credit card information entered during checkout on a mobile device, the change link now works as expected.

Access Control (AC)

Membership Card Scanning - Time to scan a membership card
The back end code for the Access Control device has been optimized for speed and performance improvements. This allows for faster scanning of membership cards with improved the database performance of finding a membership which corresponds to a barcode.

Membership Card Scanning - External Customer ID in reporting
We have fixed a bug with Membership card scanning, where the External Customer ID was not getting populated in Ticket Analytics reports if the barcode scanned only matched the ACME barcode and not the External barcode. We will now populate the External Customer ID in reporting if the ACME barcode OR the External barcode matches the barcode that's scanned.

Membership Card Scanning interface update
We have fixed an issue where scanning consecutive membership cards would only update the display on the screen to show the last scanned details if the agent tapped the "OK" button. With this release, the Access Control display will always show the information for the member card that was scanned without requiring any user interaction between scans.

Point of Sale (POS)

Long press of period button for email suffix was crashing the app
This issue has been resolved, allowing front line staff to save time when entering email addresses for billing contacts in checkout. It is now possible to take advantage of the iOS feature to long press the period button to select and quickly autofill the email suffix (.us/.org/.edu/.com/.net)

Signature slip printing bug fixes

  1. The signature slip toggle appeared off when it was actually on. This has been resolved and the setting is now always displayed correctly.
  2. The signature slip was printing in Order Management payment flows even when disabled. This has been resolved and the signature slip will now only print if enabled.

Salesforce Package 1.102.10

Adding address does not create duplicate Organization Contacts
In the past, when address information was added to an Organization Contact on creation, the Organization Contact record was duplicated in ACME Back Office. With this release, address information can be added to an Organization Contact and no duplicate will be made in ACME.

Contact title now syncs to Salesforce on contact object as expected
The ACME Prefix value (available on ACME POS) is now mapped to the Contact Title field on the Contact object in Salesforce and will be included in the integration in both directions.

Please submit this form to approve Salesforce Package 1.102.10; any approvals received prior to the release date will be updated with the ACME release.

Import / Export 

Total imported count for order imports
The release of ImpEx 4.0 introduced a UI regression bug to the list of job executions for Order Imports that caused the number for "Total Imported" to display incorrectly. This bug has been fixed and all totals are now displaying correctly.

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