2019 ACME 9.4.1 HOTFIX

 9.4.1 Hotfix

Production Release Date: Thursday, March 21, 2019, Beginning at 6:30 pm PT

Release Type: Hotfix

Downtime: None


  • Update to popular ad-blocker impacting some visitors' ability to checkout on B2C
    • ACME Support has received reports of a small number of visitors not being able to complete the checkout process on B2C. They reported seeing a "spinning wheel" or "very slow checkouts" or "nothing happening during checkout." This behavior was not wide-spread and only impacted a handful of online-ticket purchasers.

      After some investigation, we were able to reproduce and found the root cause to be an update to a popular ad-blocker was blocking some Google services that are called during the checkout flow. We released a B2C only hot-fix last night to resolve this issue and B2C checkouts while using an ad-blocker are back to normal.