2019 ACME 9.1.0

 9.1.0 Product Release

Production Release Date: Tuesday, February 5, 2019, Beginning at 6:30 pm PDT

Platforms: B2B, POS

Release Type: Minor

Downtime: None

App Versions: ACME Sales 9.1.0

Environments for Testing: Sand 10, POS-Sandbox 9.1.0 (code update on 1/29/2019)


Backoffice (B2B)

  • Reporting: Add OrderID and EventID to various datasets
    • OrderID has been added to the following datasets:
      • Sales
      • Order requests
      • Forms
    • EventID has been added to the following datasets:
      • Sales
      • Events
      • TicketAnalytics
      • Order requests
      • Pass analytics
      • Forms
    • Using these "connector fields," a user can extract data from ACME reports, load the data into a relational database, and use these fields to query across the reporting datasets.

Import/Export Tool

  • Remove "replaced" records from export files
    • With this release we are no longer going to be exposing "replaced" membership versions in the export file. "Replaced" membership versions occur when an in-cycle lifecycle action takes place and the prior version is replaced by a new version. The export file will now only include the updated version of the membership.

  • Usability improvement: Ability to sort, resize, and show/hide columns in Import/Export tool when viewing data
    • We are working on improving the usability of the Import/Export tool, particularly around the viewing data. This release includes the ability to sort, resize, and show/hide columns in Import/Export just like the rest of back office. In addition, pagination has been updated to display up to 50 rows (with the ability to choose a different number of rows to appear).
    • This applies to the following tables:
      • Imports/exports
      • Job executions
      • Mappings
      • Error messages


Backoffice (B2B)

  • Last updated date format in POS configuration list displaying incorrectly
    • In the list of POS Configs in back office Settings, the column for the Last Updated Date now displays dates in the standard format (e.g. 2019-02-05 at 11:15 AM).

  • Org orders not processing if a custom Event date had leading zeros
    • In back office when creating an Organization Order, it was found that Orders would not process if the date was manually entered with a leading zero for months (e.g. 02) or days (e.g. 05). With this release, we have updated date pickers throughout back office to support both formats for days and months.
      • For example, both of these are now valid: "02/5/2019" and "2/05/2019"
      • Please note: if manually typing the year, 4 digits is required.

  • Member rules disappearing from templates
    • With this release we have fixed an issue where member rules were disappearing from templates. The issue originally happened in a very specific flow when navigating away from Member Rules in back office very quickly. We have made sure to account for this so it cannot happen again.

Point of Sale (POS)

  • Purchasing a gift membership: Gift  is incorrectly saved as the Billing Contact
    • When gifting a membership from B2C or POS, the gift recipient was incorrectly saved as the Billing Contact on the Order. This has been resolved and the gift giver will be saved as the Billing Contact by default unless a different person pays.

  • "Manual Card Entry" label not displayed properly at checkout
    • When using the "Enter Card Manually" feature on POS Checkout, the tip displayed with the payment on the right will once again work as expected. It will show "Enter card manually" when that option is selected, otherwise it will show "Ready to swipe" for credit card payments.
    • Note: This was a minor display issue in the 9.0.0 release and did not affect any orders. It only affected those using uDynamo or DynaMAX devices for credit card processing.

  • Cancelling a membership with multiple payment methods could potentially cause a refund error
    • We fixed an issue where canceling a membership that had previously included an in-cycle lifecycle action (such as an upgrade or a downgrade) could have possibly resulted in an incorrect refund.

Import/Export Tool

  • Accents and apostrophes not exporting
    • The export tool will now handle accents, apostrophes and other special characters correctly in the export file.

  • Extraneous records in export file
    • With this release we have fixed an issue where a user who verified their membership online was getting marked as "updated" in the Acme database. Members who verify themselves online are no longer included as updated records in the Export files in the Import/Export tool.

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