2019 ACME 9.6.0

9.6.0 Product Release

Production Release Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2019, Beginning at 6:30 pm PDT

Platforms: B2B, API, Import/Export

Release Type: Minor

Downtime: None

Environments for Testing: Sand 10 (code update on 4/8/2019)



  • Ability to cancel (refund) Donations
    • You can now refund just the donation portion of an Order via back office if ever needed. Simply go to an Order and select "Edit Order". Then for the donation item, tap the "x" to remove the donation and continue with the refund.
    • Please note: It is a known issue that the "Current Total" may display the wrong value in the first step of editing an order. Once you tap "Continue" the correct amounts will display. We will be resolving this in an upcoming release.


  • Navigation buttons: Color enhanced to better help guide users
    • With this release, the navigational buttons in the Importer tool have been enhanced to guide the user on which step to click next. The button for the next step will be blue and the buttons for all other steps will remain gray and disabled. The step that is currently running will show a loading indicator to alert the user that the process is running.

  • Auto refresh added for import executions
    • With this enhancement, the status of an import step will automatically refresh without requiring the user to click the 'Refresh' button.

  • Statuses updated during validation processes
    • There are now additional statuses for the 'Validate' and 'Validate with ACME' steps of the Import process.
    • If 100% of the rows pass validation, the status will read "(ACME) Validation Completed".
    • If some rows pass and some rows fail, the status will read "(ACME) Validation Completed with Errors".
    • If none of the rows in the files pass validation, then the status will read "(ACME) Validation Failed"


Backoffice (B2B)

  • Order Requests: Table column dropdown is partially obscured
    • When customizing the visible columns in the "Unscheduled Events" and "Scheduled Events" tables, you can now clearly see all available fields in the dropdown.

  • Unable to update $0 orders through Backoffice
    • We have fixed a bug which was preventing updates on orders through back office when the order total = $0. Users can now edit the quantity of tickets on all orders.


  • Fix mapping for barcode and external barcode
    • We are fixing a bug where the Acme barcode was getting overwritten by the external barcode upon import. The Acme barcode should always store the value generated by Acme unless the membership was created in an external system, such as Raiser's Edge. Updates to an Acme generated membership's barcode will now correctly only update the External Barcode field.


  • Order Update API: Organization name not properly saving to reporting 
    • It was discovered that if the `accountName` was not sent in the payload along with the `accountId` when updating an order, the Organization name would not display as expected in reporting. This has been resolved and now only the `accountId` is required in the payload.
    • This is applicable for any venue using the B2B order update API (v1/api/orders/update) to assign an Organization to an existing individual order.

  • E-commerce custom APIs: Error messages not returning properly
    • We have fixed a bug where error messages were not appearing correctly for venues using the new API for checkout on their custom sites.

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