2019 ACME 9.3.0

 9.3.0 Product Release

Production Release Date: Tuesday, March 5, 2019, Beginning at 6:30 pm PDT

Platforms: B2B, POS

Release Type: Minor

Downtime: None

App Versions: ACME Sales 9.3.0

Environments for Testing: Sand 10, POS-Sandbox 9.3.0 (code update on 2/26/2019)


Point of Sale (POS)

  • Messaging Improvements: Connection Quality Indicator
    • Every 5 seconds, the ACME Sales app makes a call to the ACME servers in what we call a "Health Check." If any of those Health Checks failed, the offline mode indicator would appear in the header of the ACME Sales app.

      Because a single call could fail to respond for any number of reasons (temporary spike in traffic, dropped packets, momentary slow connection, local network instability, etc), we have improved the tests for connection quality to better account for these anomalies.

      Improvements include:

      -5 consecutive Health Checks must fail before the connection quality indicator appears
      -2 consecutive Health Check successes will remove the connection quality indicator

      We've also improved the icon itself to make it less jarring to the end user.

      When the connection quality is good, users will see a green refresh arrow, indicating that their connection to the ACME servers is strong and stable. If the app begins to see the connection quality degrade, the refresh icon turns grey until it's back online.

      Finally we've updated some of our messaging to better communicate what is happening to trigger the connection quality indicator.

  • Update Country List in POS Location Survey to full list with standard UI index
    • We've made some big improvements to the country portion of the end-of-transaction survey at the Point of Sale. These enhancements include:

      -A search box and index to help you find the countries you're looking for faster
      -An expanded and more inclusive list of countries and territories
      -The ability to customize the list of countries and territories via ACME Support

      Customizable options allow you to:

      -Add countries and territories
      -Remove countries and territories
      -Assign specific countries and territories to the top of the list
      -Assign specific countries and territories to the bottom of the list

      For a full list of default countries and territories visit: https://support.acmeticketing.com/solution/articles/33000237160-acme-sales-country-and-territory-list


  • Create new checkout endpoint with publishable key authentication and accessible via Cross domain AJAX API calls
    • We created a new checkout API that can be used by venues who have their own custom online website. This API will reduce the PCI responsibility on a venue, as the venue will not store or transmit any PII data on their servers when checking out with ACME. This feature is currently available for testing in sandbox with the 9.3 release, but will not be production ready until the 9.4 release. If you would like to take advantage of this new API, please reach out to your CSM for more information.

Bug Fixes

Backoffice (B2B)

  • Invoice includes add-on count in ticket count total when it should only include ticket count
    • We updated the Print Summary / Print Invoice to breakdown the sum of the items in the order, in the same way as we have on Order details. Tickets, add-ons and memberships are all listed as separate items.

  • Exporting Resources as PDF is producing a blank page in Chrome web browser
    • We fixed an issue where exporting resources in Chrome was resulting in a blank page. The export now loads correctly in Chrome.


  • Slowness and API timeouts occurring with Salesforce integration 
    • We fixed a code bottleneck which was causing slow-down and API timeout between Salesforce and ACME when large amounts of data were syncing.

  • Regression: Renewal of a bulk imported membership has wrong barcode
    • We resolved a bug that occurred when using the SalesForce VisualForce app to renew a membership that was created through bulk upload, and would then display a wrong barcode in SalesForce.

Import/Export Tool


  • Exclude previous membership info in export, for membership rejoin
    • When a membership is rejoined, the export will now only include one row for the membership rejoin. Previously, the export included two rows- one row for the rejoin and one row for the previous membership.

  • Make import ID a required field
    • Import ID will now be enforced as a required field for memberships, membership cards and customers. Import ID is used as a unique identifier in Acme, and helps to prevent duplicates. This required field will be enforced both for imports using the Import/Export tool as well as Salesforce.


  • Organization phone and email import fields are not getting imported
    • Organization phone and email fields are now successfully being imported via the Importer tool.

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