2019 ACME 11.1.0

11.1.0 Product Release 

Production Release Date: Tuesday, October 15th, 2019, Beginning at 6:30 pm PDT

Platforms: B2B, B2C, POS, AC, Salesforce

Release Type: Minor Release

Downtime: None

Environments for Testing: POS-Sandbox 11.1.0, AC-Sandbox 11.1.0 and Sand 10 (code update on 10/7/2019)

New Features

ACME now has a direct integration with CityPASS!
Customers who participate in the CityPASS program can now simplify the visitor experience. Visitors who purchase a CityPASS to visit the venue can proceed directly to ACME's Access Control to have their pass scanned. Whether online or offline, the Access Control device will validate the CityPASS barcode and provide feedback to the agent scanning.

  • If the barcode is valid, the Access Control device will display a success message to the agent. In the background, the app will create an ACME order, mapped to the Event Template and Ticket Type configured during the setup process, and the tickets will be marked as "checked in". This will allow you to use a single ACME report to track attendance for ACME ticket holders and CityPASS holders combined.
  • If the barcode is invalid, the Access Control device will display an error message to the agent with the reason for the invalid scan. (e.g. Ticket already scanned, barcode voided by CityPASS)

CityPASS will pull attendance data from ACME's APIs so that CityPASS reporting and ACME reporting are in sync, facilitating the reconciliation process for redeemed passes.

If your venue is a CityPASS program participant and you would like to take advantage of this integration, please reach out to your Client Services Manager.


Back office (B2B)

Enhanced Organization Search for 'Create Order Request'
When creating an Order Request, it is now much easier and quicker to find an organization. Similar to search enhancements in the 11.0.0 release for the organizations page, you can now search any word within an Organization name to see all possible results. Type at least three characters to search for results.

Online Ticketing (B2C)

Text Input fields are now easier to use for your visitors purchasing tickets online
Labels now remain visible as after content is entered, making it easier for your visitors to confirm they've entered the correct data. Previously, labels disappeared after text was entered, acting more as a temporary placeholder than a label. Now, they remain visible and float up above the entered content. 

The floating labels are accessible to screen readers and work in both desktop and mobile views.

In addition, new Theme CSS Variables allow modification of the default styling if desired:

  • "@input-label-color": "#666" (color when the label is full size)
  • "@input-label-focus-color": "#767676" (color when the input label is floating above the value during input)
  • "@input-label-font-weight": "300"

Please note: For those using forms, the labels have not changed as they are in a different location above the input fields.


Enhanced Check-in Analytics
You can now get data on where your visitors are checking in! With this release, we have added the "Check In Terminal ID" as a field available in reporting to the Ticket Analytics and Pass Analytics data sets. Once a terminal ID is configured for an Access Control or a Point of Sale device, whenever a ticket or pass is checked in, the device's terminal ID will be recorded for that location. Please note, when tickets are sold but not checked in, they will not have a Check In Terminal ID. In order to take advantage of this new feature, you will need to update your Access Control devices and Point of Sale devices with the latest versions.

Point of Sale (POS)

Express Platform
For clients using the Express payment platform, we have enhanced our integration with Worldpay, per their latest requirements, in order to pass additional data elements upon payment at POS.  The back end code was updated in 11.0.2 and the POS application available in this release will take advantage of the new fields. 


Organization Import ID now created for all Organization records created in Salesforce
An Organization Import ID will now be created for all Organization records created in Salesforce, the same as it is done today for non-Salesforce clients. The Import ID will be used to further harden the integration with Salesforce in upcoming releases.

Import / Export 

The Import/Export platform has been updated to harden the architecture and framework for improved scalability, which will be important as we continue to enhance the platform.


Back office (B2B)

Custom Events appearing as de-linked and preventing future updates
After rescheduling a private event for an Organization, it was not possible to edit the event and save changes. It was only possible to reschedule again. This issue has been resolved and it is now even easier to edit private organization events.

New Organization order modal not working in Firefox 
After the 11.0.0 release, it was discovered that the new feature to "Add private events" to organization orders did not work when using the Firefox browser. This has been resolved.

Cannot delete an Order Request without any Orders or Events
Due to a bug, it was not possible to delete an Order Request that had events which were subsequently all deleted from the Order Request. This has been resolved and it is now possible to delete any Order Requests that do not have any scheduled events or orders.

Point of Sale (POS)

Some Organization Memberships are not showing in POS search results
This improvement brings parity between the Organization name search at B2B and POS. It is now possible to search on any word within an Organization's name.


Check Number now displays in Salesforce on the Transaction Record

We have fixed a bug where previously the check number did not display in Salesforce on the Transaction record for Visualforce transactions. Now, when an agent completes a Visualforce purchase and takes payment via check, the check number will display in both Acme B2B (on the Order Details screen) and in Salesforce (on the Transaction Item Record under the field labelled "Payment ID").

Import / Export 

Arizona timezone

Previously, the Import / Export database did not recognize the Arizona timezone as valid. Because of this, dates in the export file (i.e. membership start date, end date, and join dates) were converted to UTC. The Arizona timezone has been added as a valid zone, so now all dates in the export will be correct for tenant's set to use Arizona time.

Importing Organization memberships

A bug that made it impossible to import a membership file that only contained Organization/Corporate memberships has been fixed. Users can now import membership files that contain only Individual/Family memberships, only Organization/Corporate memberships, or a mix.

Known Issues

  • This release also included security upgrades to our servers, which were performed as scheduled on October 14. After the transition to our new security platform, Cloudflare, some requests using the http protocol were flagged by Cloudflare's proxy service and rejected. Once discovered, the DNS settings were adjusted for those specific urls and they are now being resolved as normal. This issue impacted clients who are using masked urls rather than the standard ACME B2C urls and some API integrations.
  • Online Ticketing (B2C)
    • The donations amount for "Other" is not fully visible in the Safari browser. However, it is still possible to enter a value and checkout with a variable donation. All other browsers work as expected. 
    • In checkout there is an optional white label Text Variable for coupons: "checkout-process-coupon-code-message". If this is configured with a value, after a visitor clicks to add a coupon code, this message is hidden behind the input field. 

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