2018 ACME 8.0 - POS

POS 8.0.0 Product Release

Production Release Date: Monday, July 30, 2018, Beginning at 6:30 pm PST

Platforms: B2B, B2C, POS

POS Version: 8.0

Release Type: Major

Downtime: None

Sandbox Environment for Testing: Sand 10, POS-Sandbox 8.0.6 (code refresh applied on 7/16/18 )

New Features!

Multi-Pay in POS

ACME POS now supports multiple payments during checkout! The addition of Multi-Pay will enable any combination of payments, with no limit on the payment type or number of payments. Since single payment with Credit Card will still be the most prevalent, designs are optimized for this with the ability to easily add additional payments.


  • New look & feel to speed up checkout and support any combination of payments.
  • Single payments are just as fast. We've ensured same number of clicks for speedy checkout.
  • Multiple payments supported by simply entering amounts less than the total due. The app will queue up the next payment for you.
  • Order/Billing Contacts: One Order Contact per Order, one Billing Contact per payment.

Noteworthy enhancements:

  • Split equally by does the math for you to quickly split the bill.
  • Cash Tender & Apply to Balance fields helps you figure out change due when taking partial cash payments.
  • $1 and $5 buttons to easily increment small bills.
  • + Coupons returns you right back to checkout after applying individual Coupons.
  • Apply coupon code to all applicable items: Now available prior to selecting a payment type, to quickly apply a known coupon code to all valid items in the cart.
  • Optional Forms: If not yet filled out, will show as counter in checkout so they aren't missed.
  • Updated Order Summary to easily view items purchased, payments made, and take any action needed (print, email, etc).
  • Order Management refunds: For clarity, now displays the order total, amount paid, and cost of tickets when canceling an Order or returning tickets.

Continued support for existing features:

  • Transact as Customer/Member/Organization: Just like today, if you start with an existing individual, they will be the Order Contact
  • Customer collection for free transactions (if configured via Backoffice): Collect customer information before completing the Order
  • Order Notes: Add notes to the Order prior to completing.
  • Flex Pay: Same as production, updated UI for ease-of-use.
  • Offline Transactions: Take single or multiple payments while in offline mode.
  • EMV support: Support chip cards when connected to an Ingenico device.

Apple Pay & Google Pay now available as payment methods - Apple, Google, and Samsung pay are now supported for use with the Ingenico devices! A great new option for visitors for quick and easy checkout. Payments completed with these methods will show as a payment type of Contactless on the receipt and in reporting.


Applying a coupon in POS when paying by voucher w/o an Organization discount - In POS, you can now apply a coupon to an order and pay by Voucher, as long as the voucher is not associated to an Organization with discounts.

Adjustable ticket cutoff time configuration - Users will now be able to configure ticket sale times to expire before the start of an event, as well as afterwards, or at the event's start time. Ticket expiry times will be configured in hours and minutes, at the event template level, and apply to sales on B2B and B2C.

POS: Alphabetical sorting of Coupon list- Coupons are now displayed in alphabetical order when viewing available coupon options for cart items.

POS: Order Management - Order Management has be enhanced to always show the Order Contact when viewing the list of Orders. When searching, you can continue to search on both the Order Contact and all Billing Contacts (even if multiple).


B2B: Update the 'Create Org Order' screen › "Event Time" selector to filter out private Order Request event times - In Backoffice, private event times from Order Requests no longer show as available options when creating an Organization order and using an existing Event Template. Only publicly available times show up as options to book into.

B2C: Entering single digit month value for Expiration Date comes back with an error - Users can now enter single digits or double digits for their credit card expiration month in the online checkout flow, for months 1-9. (Ex. 1 vs. 01 for January)

POS: Display issue for "Edits to Member Record made in POS not Reflecting" - A visual indicator has been added to the cardholder section on the "Manage" screen for a membership, to indicate that the section scrolls if more than 4 cardholders exist.

POS: Customer Address Update issue for "Edits to Member Record made in POS not Reflecting" - When the same customer ID was associated to multiple cardholders the edits made to those cardholders did not always save correctly. This issue has been fixed.

Unable to Print Membership for "New" Membership Term When "Active" Term is not yet Expired - Users can now navigate into "New" memberships at POS (ie - membership renewals that have a future start date) and print hard copy membership cards out of Acme. In order to take advantage of this capability, the user must open the "New" membership record, tap "Manage" and print the cards from each cardholder's record inside the Manage Membership screen. A future enhancement is in the backlog to allow printing of cards for these future "New" Memberships directly from the order confirmation page.

POS: Order Management - Unpaid Order QTY decrements returns Refund flow when Bal > 0 - When editing tickets quantities on an Order via Order Management, the refund flow was incorrectly shown when a balance was due. Now, if a balance is due the system will prompt you for payment.

B2C Upsell Section not appearing - Event upselling is back! With a new and improved setup flow, you are now able to configure a Suggested Event to appear in the white label online shopping cart for guests to add with a single click. The configuration is on the Event Template, allowing you to vary the list of suggested events based on the item the guest has already added to their shopping cart. Additionally, with white label variables to configure verbiage, you have total control over the messaging you want to use to maximize your upselling potential.

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