2018 ACME 7.2.0

7.2.0 Product Release

Production Release Date:Tuesday, February 27th, Beginning at 6:30 pm PST

Platforms:B2C, B2B & POS

ACME Sales App Version: 7.2.0

Release Type: Minor

Sandbox Environment for Testing:Sand 10 (code refresh was applied on 2/21/18)



  • The ability to edit Membership and Card Holder Expiration Dates in Backoffice - Users will now be able to edit membership and cardholder expiration dates in ACME's Backoffice. In order to start editing, first, you will need to add the Membership_Update permission to the roles you want to be able to perform this action.

    ACME will make sure that dates are not edited to leave the membership in an invalid state. For example:

    1. The expiration date must be on or later than the membership start date
    2. There must always be a primary cardholder with the same expiration date as the membership itself
    3. The cardholders cannot expire after the membership expires

Bug Fixes

  • App crashing while In Order Management - Previously, if you went into Order Management and selected the refresh button, occasionally the App would crash. This fix resolves that issue.
  • iOS: The ability for the device to handle when the POS is left on overnight - Previously, when a POS device was left on overnight, the events from the prior day were still displaying on the POS and AC. Now, all POS and AC devices will auto-logout if left on overnight (logging out at midnight), clearing the cache of previous events.
  • POS: Unified cart Order Rebooking - Previously, there was no easy way to tell if the discount coupon was kept when rebooking a unified order. Now, when rebooking an order with a coupon on POS, it clearly displays the proper calculations on the screen.
  • Order receipts printing with incorrect transaction records - Previously, a limited number of transactions were printing receipts with odd layouts. For example, full payments were being split into two line items, as well as the signature receipt only including a portion of the total payment that a group was signing for. This issue is now resolved.
  • Scheduled Events in Order Requests reflect original Event Date, not rescheduled Event Date - Now when rescheduling an event that is associated with an Order Request, the new date and time will be updated in the Order Request to match that change.
  • B2C - Proper Error Handling for Address Verification - Previously, when the consumer tried to checkout on B2C, if their Credit Card address was incorrect per an Address Verification System check, the order did not complete, yet no error message was being shown. This has been resolved and an error message will now display, showing that there is an issue with the address fields.

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