2018 ACME 8.3.0

 8.3.0 Product Release

Production Release Date: Tuesday, August 7, 2018, Beginning at 6:30 pm PDT

Platforms: B2B, B2C, POS

POS Version: 8.3

Release Type: Minor

Downtime: None

Sandbox Environment for Testing: Sand 10, POS-Sandbox 8.3.0 (code refresh applied on 8/6/18)


B2B: Cancel private events from Order Requests in Event List and Details viewsFor venues using Order Requests, you can now cancel private Events created from an Order Request. This is most useful when an Order was already created and later canceled. Cancellation can be done via the Events List and when editing an Event Instance. The new feature works the same as private events created from an Organization order, allowing you to choose if emails should be sent to those with Orders and to assigned resources (if applicable). 

Order Requests have also been enhanced to allow you to view the status of Events in the "Order Created" table. Tap on the right side menu item to view the column options, and turn on "Event State". This will allow you to easily see which events in Orders are still Active or Cancelled.

POS: Improve loading time after sending the app to the backgroundWe have improved the loading time on POS when the Acme Sales app comes back from the background. This was particularly slow for any venues with a lot of Organizations.

POS: Print future starting membership cards from order summary pageWith this release, users can now print membership cards from POS for renewals that have a future start date, directly from the order summary page, just as you can for memberships that start immediately on the date of purchase.  

POS: Order summary page - if editing email after sending, should be able to send againIn the 8.0.0 POS app, only one email could be sent via the Order Summary screen after checkout. This has been updated to allow you to edit the email address and send again (e.g. in order to send an email to each person on the Order).


B2C: Combo events in checkout display - With this release, we have fixed a display issue where the checkout page did not display the correct discount amount if combo events were in the cart.

B2C: Combo events not found after getting added to a comboWith this release, we have fixed a bug where events that had been added to a combo would no longer show individually.

POS: Payment amount is $0 when canceling a coupon With the new POS checkout, the payment amount would change to $0 after tapping to apply a coupon but then choosing not to. This has been resolved and the payment amount will remain the expected value.

POS: Editing a customer doesn't update right panelWhen viewing an individual member's details if you edited the customer information (name, phone, email, or address) and saved, the details view did not refresh to display the new values. This has been fixed and now the right side details view will display the latest changes.   Please note: The search results on the left will still show the original values, as you may have searched on the original value. If you search again, you will see this update as expected.

POS: Can set 2 cardholders as primary membersIn the 8.0 POS release, the following flow could result in two cardholders shown as primary: Change the primary cardholder and without tapping Save changes, then tap Edit for that Cardholder. This has been resolved by showing a prompt asking if you want to save changes before continuing on to edit.

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