2018 ACME 8.0.0

8.0.0 Product Release

Production Release Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2018, Beginning at 6:30 pm PST (Bugs, Enhancements & Salesforce)

Tuesday, June 19 - Tuesday June 26th (New Features)

Platforms: B2B, B2C

Release Type: Major

Downtime: None

Sandbox Environment for Testing: Sand 10 (code refresh was applied on 6/4/18)

New Features!

  • Ticket sales to members in Back Office - With this release, we are making the following improvements to the Backoffice checkout capability.

Ticket Sales for Individuals - The checkout flow for individuals has been updated to use a true shopping cart. This allows for a streamlined user interface and quick checkout process. The user can also navigate around in backoffice while adding events to the cart, where tickets are reserved for 10 minutes. Other improvements include the ability to add a member to the cart after adding events, and seeing any applicable discounts.  

Ticket Sales for Members - Backoffice users are able to search for members and transact on their behalf. There are "Transact" buttons in the membership search, and on the member and cardholder pages. Clicking transact will take the user to the event list so that events can be added to the shopping cart. Any applicable discounts for the membership level will be shown at checkout, and the user can add both discounted and full price tickets to the cart. Also, Entitlements will be checked to make sure that members are staying within the defined ticket limits. Note: the Renew (ie Quick Renew) and Renew Options buttons now appear in the drop down list under "Transact". Member only events will be available to be sold only to members who have the applicable levels.  

Unified Cart for Tickets and Membership Renewal - Backoffice users can add membership renewals (standard renewal, upgrade renew, downgrade renew and rejoin) and events to their cart and purchase them together. Discounts and entitlements will also be honored in the unified cart flow.

Allowing Expired Members to Receive Discounts - We have added a new toggle in the Administration area of backoffice which allows a venue to set a policy which either allows expired members to use their benefits or not. At this time, it's a global setting for the entire venue. If the toggle is set to NO then you can still transact as a member but the member benefits (discounts, access to member only events) will not be honored. If the toggle is set to YES then expired members will receive discounts and access to member only events.

Allowing Members to Exceed Their Ticket Limits - When backoffice users try to sell tickets to members that exceed their entitlements limits, we have added a new RBAC permission that will allow users with the permission to "Make Exception" and allow the member to purchase beyond their limits. The new permission is called: MEMBERSHIP_ENTITLEMENT_ALLOW_TICKET_LIMIT_OVERRIDE - and is added to superuser, superadmin and admin roles by default.  

Ticket Sales for Organizations - The organization buy flow has not yet been moved over to the new cart user interface. In order to transact as an organization, you proceed as you do today, however the toggle to switch between "Individual" and "Organization" from the event list will now be found in the Cart Overlay that appears when you add items to the cart. Once you search for an org and make your selection, you will be taken into the current organization purchase flow and the cart will not apply.

  • Renew Membership in Backoffice - The ability to renew a membership will be available with this release. This includes: Standard Renew, Upgrade Renew, Downgrade Renew, Rejoin.

In order to navigate into the renew flow, the user will have 2 options: Quick Renew and Renew Options.

Quick Renew - This should be used for the member who knows that they want to renew into the same level. The agent should click the button which shows by default, called "Renew". Upon click, the agent will be shown the cart overlay where they can proceed directly into checkout to complete their order.

Renew Options - This should be used for the member who may want to change into a different level or if the business practice is to try to upsell the member into a higher level of membership. The agent should click on the drop down arrow next to Renew and select "Renew Options". Upon click the agent will be taken to the Renew Options page where the additional membership levels available for renewal will appear for selection. Clicking on an offering from this page will add the renewal to the cart and the agent can proceed to checkout.

The renew and quick renew options buttons can be found on the member list page (including search results), member detail page, and cardholder detail page.

Renewals are going to be added to a new shopping cart platform in Backoffice. This means the user will be able to navigate around the back office pages and the shopping cart will remain in place with the items that were put inside of it.

The following features will also be available along with renew membership:

  • Ability to modify cardholders within the renew flow -  You can edit first name, last name, name on card, email, phone and address within the renewal flow.

  • Ability to swap secondary and primary cardholders - You now have the ability to swat secondary and primary cardholders.

  • Ability to apply a coupon to a membership renewal - You can apply a coupon to a membership renewal by selecting one from the drop down list of coupons or by entering one in by hand.

Bug Fixes

  • POS: Order Management now sorted by most recent order first - When viewing Orders in POS Order Management, the lists have been updated to display results in descending order, with the most recent Orders shown first. For example, view "Walk-ins" and notice that the most recent times display first. If results are paginated (e.g. on the All tab), then the first page will be the most recent orders and the last page the oldest orders. Each page continues to be grouped by letter as it always has been.

  • B2C "See my price" link during upgrade flow - When upgrading a membership online, the "See my price" link was not displaying the upgrade price, this is now fixed.


  • Google Analytics Enhancement Request - We’ve improved and updated mappings for items in google analytics to correlate ticket types with events and vice versa. This will allow categorized ticket type data to be correctly associated with events. Support for coupons per ticket type has also been added.

  • Improved Order Summary emails for orders with multiple payments - The Order Summary email has been improved when processing multiple payments for an Organization Order. It will now display a break down of all payments made in addition to the balance due. For example: Payments: $50 Credit Card and $100 Check; Balance due: $50.00


  • Syncing Group Sales Data - Organization orders will now sync to Salesforce.

  • Allow collapsing of displayed benefits in membership level selection VF screen - Users can now toggle to hide or display the membership level benefits details in the VisualForce flow.

  • Rebook Enhancements - Added Rebooking of Events to our Salesforce integration.

  • Promoting secondary cardholders to primary creates an extra household - We fixed a bug where promoting a secondary membership cardholder to a primary created a duplicate household Account.

  • Add Terminal Id to integration - We’ve added "Terminal ID" to Salesforce integration.

  • Add price paid to membership - The Price Paid field is now available on the Membership record in Salesforce.

  • Add work email for customers and contacts on the integration channel - "Work Email" field is now supported in Salesforce integration to organization contacts.

  • Add Data_Source Field to Salesforce Integration Objects- Added "Data Source" field to all Salesforce integration objects, to indicate which records originated in Acme.

  • Add work email to contact and customer on acme BE - Added "Work Email" field to organization contact in B2B.

  • Add paymentDocumentDate to metadata configuration - The PaymentDocumentDate field is now available in Transactions reporting.

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