2018 ACME 8.1.0

8.1.0 Product Release

Production Release Date: Thursday, July 12, 2018, Beginning at 6:30 pm PST

Platforms: B2B, B2C

Release Type: Minor

Downtime: None

Sandbox Environment for Testing: Sand 10 (code refresh applied on 7/5/18 )


B2C: The ability to add hyperlinked text to the donation-description and donation-subheading white label variables - The  Donations text on B2C can now be configured with HTML. If you need to emphasize text or include any links, you now have the ability to do so. The Theme variables are "donation-subheading" and "donation-description".

B2C: White Label Capability for Tickets buttons & Combos header - Three new white label variables have been added to Theme. You may now relabel the "Tickets" and "Buy Combo" buttons, and the "Combo Deals" event heading.

  • New Theme variables:
    • "events-button-tickets": "Tickets",
    • "events-button-combos": "Buy Combo"
    • "events-page-combo-deals-heading": "Combo Deals"

Backoffice Reporting Enhancement: Group by Date - Report fields can now be grouped by full date only, rather than only by date & time using the DayMonthYear mask.

Backoffice Tickets: Ticket expire days are now editable for an event instance - With this feature, you now have the ability to override ticket expiration dates from the template level setting, on the event instance level.

B2C Image Display - Previously, when there was only a single image loaded on an event template to display on B2C, that image would appear as the main image and also as a thumbnail underneath it. We have enhanced this so that the image only appears once, as the main image. 

New Features!

B2C: Image Carousel - New image carousel feature! Users can now upload multiple images with captions to an event template for display on B2C. The primary image will be the default. Customers can click on any image to display it full size and use the left and right arrows to click through the carousel images.


POS: Customer address update issue, when editing a  Member Record at the POS, not reflecting properly - When the same customer ID was associated to multiple cardholders, the edits made to those cardholders at the POS did not always save correctly. This issue has been resolved.

B2C: Opening ‘Event Details’ on B2C displays extra thumbnail of event image - On B2C, Events configured with an image used to show an extra thumbnail of the primary image on the Event Details page. This has been updated to only show the primary image once.

Backoffice/Templates: UI loading full org list incorrectly - We have fixed a bug that was causing all all orgs to display in the modal on the Event Template -> Pricing -> Organizations tab. Now, upon click of the Organization Category link, only the organizations within the selected category will display.

Backoffice: Imported Orgs are saving contact information incorrectly - We have fixed a bug that was preventing imported organizations from being edited and saved correctly.

Backoffice: Changing the duration of Ticket Sale after Event Start delinks Event Instances - Now, when changing the Event duration on a template, the Event Instances are not delinked.

Backoffice: Error "could not find event with id" when adding resource to event - We have fixed a bug that at times would display an error when attaching a resource to an event. The error "could not find event with id" would display when the bug was encountered. This bug has been fixed and resources can now be successfully attached to an event without an error occuring.

Backoffice: Custom Events Inherit Prices from Pricelist and not the Template or Schedule - We resolved an issue where the wrong price was displayed when creating a Custom Event with an existing Template. Now, Custom Events will always pick up the latest price from the Event Template/Schedule as it may differ from the price list.

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