2018 ACME 7.4.0

7.4.0 Product Release

Production Release Date:Tuesday, March 27, 2018, Beginning at 6:30 pm PST

Platforms:B2C, B2B & POS

ACME Sales App Version: 7.4.0

Release Type: Minor

Sandbox Environment for Testing:Sand 10 (code refresh was applied on 3/22/18)

Bug Fixes

  • Form character restrictions not being enforced at the POS - When filling out a form on POS, if a text field is configured with a max length, it is now enforced and an error is displayed if this limit is exceeded. This applies to the following text input types: Text, Password, Email Address, Phone number. (Note: If you do not want to enforce any limit, leave "Max length" empty. If a value is entered, it must be greater than 0).

  • B2B preventing renewing of Active Membership - With this release, we are fixing a bug which resulted in a "membership already canceled" error message when trying to renew a membership. This happened under the use case when a membership that had been canceled in the past had the expiration date updated. This bug is now fixed and members will be able to renew under this circumstance going forward.

  • Membership: Permanent card printing Expiration Date one day later than actual -With this release, we fixed a bug with the permanent membership card printing where the time zones were not correctly being applied which resulted in printing an expiration date 1 day beyond the date on the membership. With this fix, the date printed on the card will equal the expiration date you see in ACME.


  • B2C: Add-on is missing Item Name - We resolved an issue where the Addon itemName was not displaying correctly in SFDC.

  • B2C: Combo is missing Product Name and Item Name - We resolved an issue where the Combo Item data was not displaying correctly in SFDC.

  • SFDC B2C Non-Member Order Combo - We’ve added support for Combo items in SFDC.

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