2018 ACME 7.3.0

7.3.0 Product Release

Production Release Date:Tuesday, March 20, 2018, Beginning at 6:30 pm PST

Platforms:B2C, B2B, AC & POS

ACME Sales App Version: 7.3.0

Release Type: Minor

Sandbox Environment for Testing:Sand 10 (code refresh was applied on 3/14/18)



  • The Ability to Backdate Memberships - With this release, we have given venues the ability to backdate memberships via the Raiser’s Edge sync. We previously blocked this function, as we did not want to have an update in Raiser’s Edge overwrite a newly renewed membership in ACME. We have relaxed this validation as we learned about a few valid use cases that require backdating, however, we ask that this feature is used cautiously so as to not overwrite data that has been recently updated in ACME, but not yet synced over to RE.

Bug Fixes

  • Upgrading Membership outside of ACME is charging the wrong amount - With this release, we fixed a bug on the feature which allowed memberships that originated in RE to be upgraded in cycle. Anyone that had this feature turned off, can now turn it back on via the Administration -> Integrations tab. Choose "YES" for the "Enable upgrades for memberships that originated outside of ACME" toggle.  Now, when a member whos sale originated in RE requests to do an in cycle upgrade, the member will be charged the difference between the ACME retail price of the current membership that they have vs. the ACME retail price of the membership to which they want to upgrade.

  • Credit Card payment screen caching when card is swiped incorrectly - Previously, if you tapped any payment type prior to swiping a credit card on the POS, upon completion of the order, the right half of the screen remained on the payment screen, even when navigating to other screens. This has now been resolved. Swiping the Credit Card will always select the credit card payment method and correctly display the Order Summary screen upon completion.

  • Multiple Group Visit Confirmations: Policies No Longer Displaying in Email - In the B2B Theme for emails, there is a white-label option to display policy text: "policies": "<your message>". This now displays as expected above the footer of the Order Summary email when configured with a value.

  • Months on Membership Offering Rules do not correspond when a Membership Term is less/more than a Year - With this release, clients will have the ability to program membership lifecycle actions to happen X full months before the current membership expires. This is helpful if members have varying expiration dates and the venue wants to only allow certain actions X months before those memberships expire.  In order to take advantage of this new feature, navigate to the Lifecycle Actions tab within a membership offering, and you'll see a new toggle that lets you define a timeline either "From START of membership" or "From END of membership". Select "From END of membership" and define the timeline when you want to allow members who currently have the offering to do the lifecycle change.


  • The Addition of an Auxiliary Indicator to Membership - In SFDC, we added a field to indicate whether a membership is an Auxiliary Membership. We also added updates to membership rollup fields to focus on core membership stats, so that auxiliary memberships will be excluded from certain rollup fields

  • The Addition of Check Date to B2B Checkout - We’ve added the "Check Date" field to VisualForce checkout payment pages.

  • The Addition of Check Number and Check Date to Transactions - We’ve Added "Check Date" and "Check Number" to the Transaction object in Salesforce.

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